Hi, I'm Derian.

I am a photographer from Grande Prairie, AB. I'm also a mother of one human and two cats, a frequent daydreamer, and 100% addicted to caffeine. Photography has been a long-standing passion of mine, starting as a young girl with a disposable camera and an affinity for unflattering angles.

This passion led me to being nineteen and spending my entire months salary as an au pair on a spiffy DSLR. A Canon T1i to be exact. Now, almost a decade later, I get to make it my career. Sustaining my tiny two person family on my dreams, goals, and a whole lot of raw emotion has been my greatest adventure.

Each time someone chooses me as their photographer, allowing me to preserve a moment in time, I'm reminded again of how important each persons story is. Some sessions result in tears, most in laughs. What I work to capture is the real, the raw, and the authentic you.



“Derian is an absolute blast to work with. I’ve never met anyone who can hold onto professionalism so well while simultaneously being incredibly down to earth and hilarious. The photos I got back from our session were breathtaking as well!”