If you've found yourself on this blog you may be expecting, know someone that is or simply are curious as to how in home newborn sessions work. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're here!

I'm going to dig in and share the Top 5 Reasons You Need an In Home Newborn Session.

Reason 1: You don't have to wear "real" pants.

Heck, as long as most parts are covered you don't have to wear any pants. The beauty of an in home session is that you get to skip all the hassle of matching outfits and perfectly quaffed hair. I'm there to document the extraordinary in your ordinary, all the extra fuss just isn't necessary. As long as it's neutral and logo-free - you can wear it! I go over more of this in your consultation.

Reason 2: You can include the whole gang without having to pack up the van.

If you already have kids, you know what leaving the house with kids is like... chaotic, messy, at least one shoe is missing. Imagine skipping that hassle? And don't forget the pets! I have three pets of my own so I promise you, the more dog hair I leave your session with the merrier. Grandparents want in on the action? Invite them over! I just ask that we keep the number of attendees (including baby) under ten.

Reason 3: Alberta weather.

We all know what that's like. Winter six months of the year and hauling baby out in -40? Not many peoples idea of fun. With an in home, I come to you. I've got my boot rated for -50 and a parka. Slip me your Starbucks order on the way and we'll get toasty warm real fast.

Reason 4: You don't run the risk of leaving the diaper bag behind.

Baby decides ten minutes into the session is a perfect time to have a blowout to end all blowouts? No biggie. Toss them in the sink for a rinse down and I'll be right there to (modestly) capture it. Real life happens and real life is what I'm there to capture! Just consider me your own personal fly on the wall.

Reason 5: Those four walls.

It goes without saying: most of our best moments happen right at home. Your session will document the four walls that hold all those memories: from bringing baby home to family holidays, laughter and a cup of coffee on the couch. Those moments that seem simple, they really matter. Life happens fast and stopping to capture those small things now before they become distant memories - it's why I do what I do.

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