I get it...

I've been that person. The one standing in an Old Navy change room trying on the third floral dress, sweaty and feeling defeated. One downfall to getting your family photos done: the outfits. I get it and that's why I'm here to help. I have five straightforward tips that you can use to prepare for your next session.

Start with one outfit and plan around it.

Statistically speaking, if you're reading this on your journey to finding a photographer - you're probably the family member most invested in the end result. That's why I say, start with your outfit and plan around it. It's more likely that if you're in an outfit you love and feel comfortable, the session will feel far less stressful.

Coordinate, don't match.

Long gone are the days of matching black tops. I'm not knocking it, I'm just saying - those won't age well. Pick a colour scheme and aim for your pieces to compliment but not mimic one another. I always suggest aiming for neutral, earthy tones. Black or stark white can be a bit too contrasting while neon colour's can wash some people out.

Use ALL the textures!

Think chunky sweaters like shown, waffle knit onsies on babe or crotched slippers. Blankets, scarves, pillows - the more texture, the more depth and shape that is created in a photo. Textures photograph beautifully and bring a certain vibrancy to photos that would usually fall flat otherwise.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

If you're normally a jewelry person, don't tone it down now. Hats can frame a face, rings can tell a story, headbands always look absolutely scrumptious on newborns. Accessories can add a pop of flair and really speak to the personality of those in the portrait.

Above all: wear something comfortable.

If you've ever shot a session with me you know we do lots of moving. Whether it's tickles while snugged in bed or chasing one another around the house, movement is a key component in capturing those real-life moments. You don't need workout gear but you do need to feel comfortable and confident. No one wants to be picking out a wedgie mid-session!

Did you find this helpful?

A Welcome Guide, styling assistance and access to client closet are always included in your session with Derian Emily Photography. If you have any questions or want to book your own Storyteller Session, let's chat!